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About Us

Greenslips 4 Earth is founded by CTP Greenslip professionals supporting New South Wales consumers looking for both a saving on their CTP Greenslip and a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Our objectives are simple

  1. Simplify the purchase of your Greenslip needs by offering all insurer prices here, online

  2. Plant a tree for every policy sold through our environmental partner insurers and offering a carbon offset arrangement for the good of the planet

We understand the angst in having to make a compulsory insurance purchase, so combining price savings, convenience and a contribution to the environment in offsetting vehicle CO2 emissions, is all part of our value proposition.

Savings: All insurer prices offered in the one place

Convenience: One calculator displaying all insurer prices with immediate purchase ability

Environmental Contribution: One Tree planted for every policy sold through our environmental insurer partners, resulting in an offset of the CO2 emissions produced by your vehicle

Helping New South Wales consumers make a difference to the environment through their CTP Greenslip purchase.

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