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Best Tips for Green Slip Renewal

July 6, 2022

Need to renew your CTP? We have come up with our top CTP green slip renewal tips to help you secure the best deal and coverage when you renew your greenslip. First, let’s go through some of the most common questions we’re asked when it comes to CTP renewal.     Common Green Slip Renewal […]

7 Common Mistakes That Can Increase CTP Insurance Rates

June 6, 2022

Trying to get the cheapest CTP insurance rate possible? While there may not be much you can do to change your CTP insurance quote today, there are several mistakes you can avoid making to ensure your rates don’t go up in the future.      How CTP Insurance Quotes Are Calculated   For the most […]

How To Compare Greenslips Online

February 18, 2022

Ready to compare greenslips prices online? There is more that goes into it than entering your vehicle model and choosing the cheapest rate. Discover how to easily get various greenslip quotes and compare them so that you can secure the best rate and policy for you and your vehicle.     What You Need To […]

How To Get The Cheapest Green Slip While Saving The World

February 5, 2022

Get The Cheapest Green Slip While Saving The Planet   On the hunt for the cheapest green slip? Why not help save the world while you’re at it? At Greenslips 4 Earth, we’re committed to not only providing you with cheap greenslips quotes in NSW but also giving you sustainable options that help neutralise your […]

Find the Right CTP Insurance & Compare Greenslip Prices

January 25, 2022

Finding The Right CTP Insurance For You   Finding the best greenslip or CTP insurance for you can seem confusing. From knowing what it covers and trying to compare greenslip prices to understanding why you need one at all. Though it may seem overwhelming, it’s a much simpler process than you might think. First, let’s […]

How Can You Maximise Your Greenslips4Earth CTP in 2022

January 18, 2022

Looking for a greenslip and want to maximise your savings? There are several ways you can make the most of your CTP greenslip in 2022. Here’s our guide to not only choosing the right greenslip for you this year but also setting yourself up for continual savings throughout 2022.   Choosing The Right Greenslip   […]

CTP Greenslip Refund for Second Hand Car Owners

December 10, 2021

CTP Green Slip Refunds when you Sell your Car   Buying or selling your vehicle? You may be wondering whether you can claim a green slip CTP refund. Find out whether you’re eligible to make a CTP green slip refund claim and what happens to your CTP and registration when you buy or sell.   […]

How Different Are Individual Greenslips Compared To Fleet Greenslips?

November 24, 2021

Looking for the best greenslip rates and coverage to suit your needs? We make it easy to compare greenslips NSW, whether you’re buying individual CTP insurance or greenslips for a fleet of vehicles. Discover the difference between fleet and individual greenslips and compare greenslip prices.   Compare Greenslips – Fleet Vs Individual   The main […]

Can Heavy Motor CTP Insurance Be Extended?

October 21, 2021

In between the busy schedule and long drives, it’s easy to forget that your Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme (also known as  CTP Insurance, Green Slip, or CTP Green Slip Insurance) is about to expire. Your insurer will send you a reminder a few weeks before the expiration date on your policy, but many people […]

Where to Find the Cheapest Green Slip in NSW (2021)

October 10, 2021

Car insurance is complicated, expensive, and confusing—but completely necessary. Say, heaven forbid, your family road trip ends abruptly when an 18-wheeler drove into the lane and caused multiple injuries. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and careful drivers get into these accidents, as we can never know when and how they might happen.     Nevertheless, […]

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