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Our Mission

Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year. That’s 56 acres of forest every minute! Here at Greenslips 4 Earth, we have made it our mission to help offset this loss and improve our environment.


This may sound strange coming from a company that helps you save money on your green slip. After all, our business wouldn’t exist if there weren’t cars on the road. This is precisely why we are so committed to our cause. By planting one tree for every CTP Greenslip sold, we move towards our stated goal of neutralising greenhouse gas emissions and making the world a better place. 


Why do we plant trees?

Scientific research has established that 6 trees are required to offset and neutralise carbon emissions produced by one standard vehicle in any given year. By simply planting a tree with every greenslip we sell, we can offset the carbon emissions of our drivers for two full months of the year. 


Planting trees does much more than offset carbon emissions. By working with One Tree Planted, we’re able to help rebuild ecosystems and natural habitats for Australian wildlife. Our tree planting efforts also go a long way in improving air quality, supporting local conservation efforts, boosting the economy, and inspiring NSW drivers to get involved with just one click.


How does it work?


Our environmental partner is One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to planting trees around the world. Since 2014 they have planted more than 40 million trees across 43+ countries. 


Whenever we sell a greenslip online through our CTP Calculator, we donate one dollar to One Tree Planted. They then take that money, pooling it with more donations from us and other eco-friendly businesses and individuals to fund reforestation projects. The site is then prepared, the trees are grown into saplings, and then the planting begins.


Every tree we fund is planted by hand in its natural environment to give it the best possible chance of survival. The trees are then maintained and monitored as they grow to ensure they thrive. Before long, what was once wasteland has grown into healthy and thriving bushland, restoring our ecosystem and offsetting carbon emissions.


We believe that within 10 years we can play a significant part in neutralising the carbon emissions produced by over 250,000 cars used on New South Wales roads. We are proud of the programs to which we, with your support, are contributing toward.


Compare CTP Greenslips & Save The Planet


Do you need a CTP greenslip? Compare the best prices available from leading providers while you make a positive contribution to the environment.


Our CTP calculator is quick and easy to use. Simply fill out your details in minutes and compare the most recent, lowest prices from all NSW CTP providers. Choose your preferred provider to purchase your CTP and our environmental partners will plant a tree on your behalf. 


Drive safe and happy knowing that your CTP is up to date and you have helped offset your carbon emissions without any excess cost. 

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