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At Fault Driver Protection

At Fault Driver Protection, also known as At Fault Driver Cover, depending on the insurer, is an additional level of cover offered by two insurers. This cover offers some additional benefits to injured drivers at fault.

Previously many at fault drivers were not covered under the CTP Scheme because it was a Third Party scheme only. This position gave rise to insurers offering additional At Fault Driver Cover. Over the years however, the RMS has introduced entitlements for the benefit of First Parties, or the driver considered at fault. There currently exists certain entitlements for Drivers at Fault under the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme for those drivers catastrophically injured.

The new CTP scheme introduced in 1 December 2017, offers improved benefits for all injured people including at fault drivers and may now receive entitlements for up to six months for:

  • weekly income payments (if time off work is a result of the incident)
  • medical and treatment expenses
  • commercial attendant care (for help needed around the home)

These benefits will commence soon after a claim.

This is a major improvement for injured people who were at fault in an accident. The RMS advises that there are approximately 7,000 people a year who are considered to be at fault in an accident and before 1 December 2017, they were only able to claim a maximum of $5,000 for combined medical expenses and loss of income.

The NSW CTP Scheme now realises that an at fault accident could be the result of an unfortunate situation such as a momentary lapse in concentration, being blinded by the sun, or hitting a kangaroo on a country road.

With the increase in benefits to At Fault Drivers, it is too early to tell whether insurers will continue offering their own At Fault Driver Cover. We will keep you posted on developments in this regard right here.

​Until insurers change their current positions, the benefits available under this cover remain and include lump sum entitlements to at Fault Drivers for specified injuries as determined by the insurers.

The insurers participating in some form of At Fault Driver Protection is as follows:

AAMINo additional cover offered
AllianzAdditional cover to at fault drivers extended under certain circumstances. This will be noted in your policy documentation
CICNo additional cover offered
GIONo additional cover offered
NRMAAdditional cover to at fault drivers extended under certain circumstances. This will be noted in your policy documentation
QBENo additional cover offered
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