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CTP Greenslip Refund Guide: Crucial Eligibility, Procedures and Deadlines You Need to Know

Registering your vehicles before December 1, 2017, and successfully obtaining your greenslip allows you to be eligible for rebates based on your insurance policy. The government granted more than $88 million worth of rebates to 1.55 million vehicles owners in New South Wales just last year.

Any CTP insurance holder is eligible to claim up to $120 worth of rebate. This guide talks about insurance reforms, eligibility requirements, and filing procedures.


Millions of Policy Holders Granted CTP Greenslip Refund Due to Reforms


For 18 years, the old CTP system has had a greater level of uncertainty specifically on lengthy payment periods for policy claimants. In 2016, to avoid the unnecessary burden in both costs and requirements, the NSW government updated the CTP greenslip scheme.

The NSW government introduced a simpler system relating to medical treatment, income loss, and care costs for minor injuries. The main purpose of these changes is to prevent insurance exploitation from premium-inflating claims exaggeration and fraudulent claims.
This resulted in a lower greenslip insurance cost, hence the rebates being offered to the CTP holders who acquired their policies before December 1, 2017. More information about the CTP reforms can be found here.


Extended Deadline: Claims for NSW Greenslip Rebates


The New South Wales government reported that millions of funds are still available for the drivers to claim. Hence, they have extended the deadline until September 30, 2019. Drivers can still file a claim to receive rebates if they registered a greenslip before December 1, 2017.

Note that this is the last deadline that the government had set for claims. Fortunately for those who are eligible for the claim, the process is so simple.


How to Know If You’re Eligible for the CTP Rebates


Make sure you are eligible to receive rebates before you begin to make your claim. It can be exhausting to wait for weeks or months only to find out that you are not eligible and your claim was rejected for this reason.

If you are not sure when your registration date was, try to find your CTP records and premium receipts. The registration date will be on your last registration papers you received. If the date of your first payment is before December 1, 2017, then it means you are eligible to make a claim. However, if you don’t have copies of your receipts, call your CTP provider and ask when your registration date was.


How to Make Your Claims

Go to the Service NSW Website


To make your claim, visit the NSW website and type this on your browser “https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/” to arrive on the right page. Check the dedicated section on CTP Refunds (or Rebate) claims. Click that and you will find a specific article about claiming CTP refunds/rebates. Find the “claim online” button (usually placed below the page) and click it.


Create an Account


If you don’t have an account with the NSW CTP website, you will need to register first. It will require you to provide an email where you can receive updates on your ongoing claim.

The registration is a simple process and only takes about five minutes of your time. Other information that will be asked includes Name, Car Registration Number, Additional Residential Details, Greenslip Serial Number, and the location where you registered your vehicle. Bear in mind that only NSW-registered vehicles are included in the CTP rebate scheme.


Input Your Banking Details


The NSW CTP rebate website will require you to input your banking details. It is a reliable website that uses an SSL security encryption to protect the users’ information so you can trust it in keeping your banking details safe.

Make sure to use the right URL during your registration as stated above, scammers tend to mislead claimants into sharing their bank details using a similar URL structure.


How to Make a Rebate Claim Offline


If you are not comfortable using the Internet, you can also claim your rebate offline. However, this process will take more effort and time compared to using online facilities.


Call 13 77 88


Call the above number in order to reach the NSW helplines. You will be asked to fax or mail the required documents to process your claim. You can fill it out by hand and send it back to them.


How Much Will I Get With a Successful Claim?


You can claim up to $120 rebates as advertised by most news sites and the official NSW CTP website.


Calculation Factors Considered


Pro-Rata Basis


This means that the refund you will receive is proportional to the total premiums you’ve paid (before December 1, 2017) minus the estimated premium reduction fee from the CTP reforms introduced.


Administration Fees


Once your refunds are subject to clearing, you may receive deductions from administrative fees. However, don’t be alarmed as these fees are usually very small in value.


Get Help From Insurers To Improve Your Rebate Claim Chances


Greenslip 4 Earth can provide you with more information regarding your CTP rebates. If you registered your CTP greenslip with us before December 1, 2017, we can most definitely help you get your refund. You can send an email or use our contact form to reach out to us.

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