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Growing Trees With G4E’s NSW Greenslip

Trees provide sustenance for almost all other living things. They absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, replenish nitrogen, absorb extra moisture in the soil, and create habitats for living things. It plays a big part in controlling the climate and reducing erosion.

To satisfy the growing needs of man, we’ve left our largest forests bald without any sustainable action in the form of reforestation. We’re leaving wild animals without food and shelter. In addition, decreasing numbers of trees deplete the earth’s ability to get rid of accumulated carbon dioxide, which primarily caused global warming.

In a span of 4 years, the environmental science journal Nature published a study that out of the 3 trillion trees the world has, it currently has 46% trees remaining. It is estimated that we cut down around 15 billion trees annually. 

Trees are rapidly disappearing with only an estimated 400 billion left around the world. Without sufficient trees in our planet, living things will surely die — and now, it’s already a fact that we’re on a debilitating course of disaster.

Fact: We Live in a Polluted, Dying Planet

Carbon emissions come from many sources such as the methane that cattle bred for meat expels,  factories and vehicles which use gas that creates pollution.

With fewer trees and greenery around every continent, the world needs to revive its natural resources and create a sustainable solution before it’s too late. 

One Tree A Day Makes The Air Breathable Today

At Greenslips 4 Earth, we recognise this fact. We aim to create a sustainable business of providing exemplary compulsory third party (CTP) policies for our customers. By sustainable, we mean our business thrives with satisfied customers that live together in a harmonious environment.

For this reason, we want to plant one tree for every CTP policy we provide our customer. It might seem small, but with the hundreds and thousands we’ve planted in partnership with One Tree Planted, we’re definitely making a difference.

Researchers and environmentalists with expertise on the subject have made it clear in their studies that trees generate the oxygen humans breathe. One tree can make all the difference because it provides oxygen for six people to breathe daily.

We were all taught in school that trees absorb and consume carbon dioxide — the major contributor to global warming — to manufacture their food. Oxygen is produced as a byproduct of this process.

However, trees aren’t just life-giving natural resource. They help maintain ground foundations, provide materials for building our houses, boats and furniture.

Watching the recent news, landslides have become common in areas where trees used to grow. With reforestation, we can make our world a better place, reverse the effects of global warming, and help future generations maintain our earth liveable.

Corporations Can Contribute Bigger

Greenslips 4 Earth and our partner One Tree Planted may not be the biggest organisations in NSW or the rest of the world, but we believe that with planting trees for every CTP sold, we’re igniting small changes daily.

We believe that corporations have a responsibility to investors, customers, and the environment. Without a healthy earth, companies will not exist. 

If more corporations believed and worked to sustain the environment in NSW and the world, we will definitely have a world that we can leave in great shape for future generations.

Greenslips 4 Earth: Keeping You Safe on the Road While Caring for the Planet

When you purchase your greenslip from us, we’ll make sure you get the best rates and benefits on offer. Always remember that the greenslip you posses protect both you and the future of the planet — thus, you’re making the planet breathable for six more people.

We’ll keep working hard to help the environment and minimise the threat of global warming. If you’d like to do your own part with us, you can contact One Tree Planted to donate and contribute to having a tree or two planted. Join us in helping the environment!

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