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How to Take Advantage of NSW Government’s Toll Relief Discounts

As a resident of New South Wales, Australia, you may be eligible for toll relief discounts offered by the NSW government. This can help you save money on your toll expenses and make your daily commute more affordable. In this blog, we’ll explain what toll relief is, who is eligible for it, and how to claim your discount if you’re eligible.


How to Take Advantage of NSW Government's Toll Relief Discounts


What is Toll Relief?


Toll relief is a program offered by the NSW government that provides discounts on tolls for eligible drivers. The program is designed to help make tolls more affordable for residents who use toll roads regularly. 


How Does It Work?


The discount itself doesn’t actually apply to tolls, but to your 12-month vehicle registration. If you spend over the annual $1,462 threshold on tolls in the previous financial year, your vehicle registration will be free for the following year. If you only spend over $877 on tolls throughout the year, you will be eligible for a half-price discount on your 12-month registration.


Who Is Eligible For Toll Relief?


To be eligible for toll relief, you must be a resident of New South Wales and hold an NSW driver’s license or photo ID. You must also be the registered owner of the vehicle and have an e-tag or pass linked to your license.


Additionally, you must meet the eligibility criteria offered by the NSW government.


Free 12-Month Registration


To be eligible for free registration, you need to be a frequent toll user within NSW. This requires you to spend over $1,462 on tolls within the previous financial year.


Half Price 12-Month Registration


To be eligible for half-price registration, you need to be a semi-frequent toll user within NSW. To claim your 50% discount you need to have spent $877 on tolls within the previous financial year. 


This discount applies to 12-month vehicle registration only. You will not be able to claim a discount on your 3-month or 6-month registration through this offering. You will also not be able to receive a discount on your CTP or any administrative fees that are required along with your registration. 


Who Isn’t Eligible For Toll Relief?


Toll relief doesn’t apply to those who drive heavy vehicles, non-private registered vehicles, vehicles registered for business use, or vehicles that aren’t registered in NSW. To claim the discount, you will need a personal account with an NSW toll provider.


How To Claim Your Toll Relief Discount


If you believe you may be eligible for either half-price or free registration as a result of your toll use within a financial year, you will need to redeem your toll relief within the next financial year. You do not need to claim this discount if you would prefer not to. If you don’t claim your free or half-price registration during your upcoming registration renewal process within the following financial year, your discount will expire.


Claiming toll relief is easily done during the registration renewal process. To make your claim, you’ll first need a 12-month CTP green slip. Use our CTP calculator to get the best available rates for your vehicle.


Taking advantage of the NSW government’s toll relief discounts can help make your daily commute more affordable. If you’re a resident of New South Wales and meet the eligibility criteria, be sure to apply for the program and start saving on your toll expenses.


To find out more information and to check your eligibility, visit the NSW government’s toll relief website at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/services/concessions-rebates-and-assistance/toll-relief.

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