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Where can I buy a CTP Greenslip

Each approved CTP insurer in New South Wales (NSW) offers its CTP policies to the general public using various means to buy a CTP Greenslip. These means include internet, call centre, or branch office visitation.

For all Sedans, Utes, 4 Wheel Drives, and Goods Carrying Vehicles under 4,500 GVM you may secure your CTP prices across all insurers by using our convenient calculator and clicking here. This will provide you with all CTP insurer’s current CTP rates for your vehicle as of your renewal date. You can then decide to purchase your CTP by clicking the prompts noted on the quotation page and finalise your purchase in one step.

For Goods Carrying-vehicles over 4,500 GVM and for other Classes of Vehicles, unfortunately, you cannot purchase your CTP policy over the internet anywhere.

When you buy a CTP online, prices and coverage vary from region to region. There are also levies exacted for businesses with units larger than 4.5 tonnes. 

We also offer discounts for fleets of more than 10 units. You may inquire about it through our hotline 1300 593 291 or email [email protected]


Best Practices To Follow When You Buy a CTP Green Slip Online


1. Look for Licensed Brokers.


Our company is licensed to sell CTP insurance online. Our prices have also been

Regulated by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). 


2. Do Not Buy a CTP Online from Unauthorised Agents.


Please call our hotline or visit our office if you have inquiries. Independent agents selling CTP insurance are forbidden by the law to prevent fraud. 


3. Prepare Your Vehicle Information.


Your Registration number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and NSW driver’s licence are needed to buy a CTP online. 


4. Use Online Greenslip Calculator For Smaller Vehicles.


Vehicles weighing 4.5 tonnes or less can use our online green slip calculator. For vehicles larger than 4.5 tonnes, you may call our hotline for the exact quote.


5. Submit Before Renewal Period


Once you have your quote, submit it by locating the box that asks for your quote number on our homepage. Once you click submit, you will be given details on your insurance cover and instructions for payment. Please make sure to submit your quote at least 21 days before your renewal date.

Visit our online green slip calculator page for a free quote today.

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