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CTP Insurance: What It Is, What It Is Not

Nothing can ever compare to the joys of purchasing a new car. As a responsible driver, it is important when securing your car purchase to also include getting insurance. In NSW, greenslip or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, as the name entails, is one of the most important things to secure.

Securing a greenslip is now simpler with greenslip 4 Earth (G4E) using its simple online interface accompanied with its complete listing of insurers’ prices. G4E also makes a greener effort for the environment by committing to plant and grow a tree for every policy sold. This article provides better insights into what CTP insurance is and other significant contributions by G4E. 

What is CTP Insurance?

The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requires you to register your vehicle with a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance or commonly known as greenslip. Once registered, your CTP or greenslip are effective anywhere in Australia. 

The third-party is covered for personal injury insurance in the event of an accident. The third-party described herein are the passengers in the vehicle, other road users, as well as pedestrians. It is important to note that CTP insurance generally does not cover the “at-fault” party as drivers at fault are considered as first-party.

While some insurers provide fractional coverage for at-fault drivers in case grave injuries are sustained, this depends solely on the terms of the insurer. These plans are often called At-Fault Driver Protection/ Coverage. Starting in 2009, the NSW Greenslip policy started covering parties that are at fault when the party is injured catastrophically. Also known as the Lifetime Care Benefit, this package is governed by the Lifetime Care & Support Authority.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance does not cover your vehicle during an accident. Your Motor Insurance Policy covers this instead. To secure both coverages for First Party and Third Party Property Damage (TPPD), a Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy is generally acquired. A TPPD policy is taken out by those who do not want to ensure their own car for property damage. Motor Insurance is not compulsory for road users in Australia. 


Comprehensive Insurance Vs Compulsory Third Party Insurance

So what exactly is the difference between comprehensive insurance and CTP insurance? 

Let’s say you’re the “at-fault driver”. CTP or greenslip protects you from third-party personal injury liability and does not entirely cover injury to you as the at-fault driver. This also does not cover your vehicle damage. 

Comprehensive car insurance, on the other hand, covers any accidental loss or damage to your vehicle up to the set value agreed between your insurance company and yourself, pegged to the market value of the car. 

The key points differentiating comprehensive insurance with CTP insurance are:

  1. Every certified vehicle has to be covered by CTP insurance, whereas comprehensive car insurance is optional.
  2. CTP insurance only protects you from the personal injury liability that might arise if you injure anyone involved in an accident you caused.
  3. CTP insurance will not protect or allow you to recover costs that are associated with any property damage you have caused.
  4. Finally, comprehensive car insurance generally protects you for the loss or damage caused to your vehicle, other vehicles, and any other property.


What is CTP Insurance in Greenslip 4 Earth Like?

The G4E greenslip is highly noteworthy because we make complex processes as quick and as simple as possible for our customers.

Our company understands the difficulty and complexity of purchasing compulsory insurance. You get the best possible advantage by buying CTP which includes price savings, convenience, and a contribution to the environment by offsetting vehicle CO2 emissions through planting trees. 

All insurer prices are offered at a glance and the site offers ease in calculating fees with immediate purchase capability. With one tree planted for every policy sold through its environmental insurer partners, our company aims to offset the CO2 emissions produced by motor vehicles.

If you’re looking for a convenient CTP or greenslip provider, don’t waste your time, call Greenslip 4 Earth or check our website for more information.

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