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Greenslip Comparison And Tips In Choosing Insurance Providers

It would be difficult to find peace of mind when you haven’t secured a greenslip when you purchase or drive a car here in New South Wales. Compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance satisfies our worries because it covers the third party involved in a car accident.


With multiple greenslip providers now available in NSW, choosing one would entail a thorough comparison between insurance providers and getting familiar with its coverage. For brevity, we summarized valuable tips for your consideration as well as impart a comparative shortlist of providers below.


Available CTP Insurance Providers In NSW


New South Wales CTP covers the third parties involved in an accident. Like in any standard CTP provisions, AAMI claimants are eligible to receive up to six months of weekly payments for lost income due to the accident.



Claimants will receive recompensation of up to $25,000 for at-fault driver protection after complying with their criteria for the additional CTP feature. Allianz provides convenient online registration and filing.



In GIO, NSW drivers benefit from standard CTP insurance GIO coverage. Although there aren’t any additional features, claimants can enjoy their quick online quotation and easy payment platform for procuring greenslips.



Greenslip buyers in NSW receive automatic at-fault coverage in accidents wherein the claimant is the at-fault driver. Policyholders receive loyalty discounts for purchasing other NRMA products as well as receive the standard CTP benefits. Online quoting and claiming facilities are also available.



QBE Insurance also provides standard greenslip coverages for NSW drivers. An online facility for quotations and claims is available at hand.


Making Value Comparisons To Find The Best Greenslip Provider For You


Features and Benefits


Seemingly, all the features and benefits associated with each insurance company listed above are indistinguishable. Their differences become clearer as they answer your specific request for a greenslip quotation. 


Insurance companies usually rate or categorise individuals without prior driving experience as high risk. In the same light, insurers regard individuals aged above 30 years old to be at lower risk of being involved in a car accident. 


Risk criteria should differ between each of these companies. This criterion will affect the final premium you pay to secure or purchase your greenslip. Consequently, you may be eligible for some add-on features without additional cost. This insightful comparison should be helpful in finalising your greenslip purchase.


For instance, Allianz may include additional at-fault coverage if you qualify with their terms. Alternatively, NRMA appears to be a better deal because all greenslips have automatic at-fault coverage, however, it could be likely that you may incur higher premiums.


Ease of Purchase


Whenever you own a new car or are in the final steps of buying a new one, enjoying your new car could be difficult when you get into the strenuous process of procuring your greenslip. 


Almost every CTP provider has its own online facility that allows convenient quotation and payment services for your greenslip. Each company listed above has an active online facility provided on their respective websites.


Extend your research with online reviews from other drivers’ experiences who have purchased greenslips from these companies to help you make a sound decision regarding your CTP.


Prices and Discounts


Under stringent conditions, insurers cannot offer more discount prices once their rates have been pre-approved by the State Regulatory Insurance Authority. 


With this limitation, some insurers offer workaround discounts for other policies purchased when you secure a greenslip through them. Discounts and price cut-offs may seem minimal, but they can be comparatively large if you’re planning to purchase multiple insurance policies from the same provider.


Choosing The Proper CTP Provider Matters


Your chosen greenslips provider must have a policy that addresses the risks associated with your driving needs and capability. With the right benefits in place, you can drive confidently without fear of severe economic loss.  Moreover, guided decisions allow you to eliminate any future limitations you may encounter.


Greenslips 4 Earth: A Company Putting Environment First


If you have yet to find a capable CTP provider considering all the insurance companies listed above, consider getting yours from Greenslips4Earth. 


With Greenslips4Earth, insurer prices are provided in one single location. In addition to receiving all insurer coverage and benefits, we contribute to growing one tree for every greenslip policy sold through our environmental partners. Learn more about our plans and allow us to help the environment one CTP at a time.

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