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How to Process your NSW Greenslip Refund Across the States and Territories

Claiming an NSW green slip refund is your right, however, as a driver, you must be aware of timelines and conditions when seeking a refund. Knowing ahead of time and getting these professional tips can save you money and time. 


NSW Green Slip Refunds from the Green Slip Reforms introduced in December 2017.


The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) placed a deadline on claiming NSW green slip refund in the new green slip reforms. The deadline was September 2019. 


Unclaimed green slips refunds will be used to decrease levies that are paid as part of your CTP insurance premium. The deduction is around $5 depending on the vehicle type and has been applied to motor vehicles registered from January 15, 2020, to January 14, 2021. 


NSW Greenslip Refund Process


 This is other refund information based on the SIRA website:


  • $214 million worth of refunds claimed by 3.46 million NSW vehicle owners
  • 82% of all available NSW green slip refunds were claimed
  • A total of about $27 million of the unclaimed Green Slip refunds will be returned to motorists.


What Happens to Unclaimed NSW Greenslip Refunds?


Unclaimed refunds will be returned to vehicle owners. The levies will be reduced as this is paid as a segment of a CTP Premium. Depending on the type of vehicle, the levy reduction will be approximately $5. 


Vehicle Registration or CTP Insurance Cancellation


Getting NSW CTP green slip insurance and completing a vehicle inspection gives you permission to drive in NSW. Cancelling your vehicle registration or CTP insurance for valid reasons may mean you’re eligible for a refund for the unused portion. However, processing refunds also have their corresponding administrative fees.


  • NSW (registered) drivers/operators can cancel their vehicle registration at any time. Cancellation reasons may include any vehicle that has been written off or stolen. This is also applicable if you no longer plan to live in NSW.


  • The process of cancellation is somewhat different if you’re moving interstate. 


  • You cannot cancel the registration if you’ve sold the vehicle, instead, you need to submit a notice of disposal. The registration will generally follow the car and therefore go to the new owner.


NSW greenslip refunds can be processed online, over the phone, or in-store.



How Do You Cancel a Vehicle Registration?


As an NSW driver, you must attend a service centre in person or send a representative and provide the requirements as listed below to cancel your vehicle registration:


  • Completed form for Cancellation of Registration 
  • Proof of your identity 
  • Current Certificate of Registration
  • If the plates have been stolen, a police event number 
  • If the vehicle was written off, a letter from your insurance provider


The primary operator is the only one that needs to sign the form should there be more than one person registered as the operator of the vehicle.

You can send a representative to cancel the registration on your behalf if you have moved overseas.


Why Do We Need To Return Number Plates?


It is important to hand in the vehicle’s number plates when you cancel your registration. Keeping number plates when you cancel your vehicle registration is an offence.


My Number Plates Were Stolen, What Do I Do?


Immediately report the incident to the Police Assistance line on 131 444 if your plates are stolen. To process your cancellation, the police will give you a police event number which you need to present.


How to Return Number Plates in Another Jurisdiction


You need to provide a ‘surrendered number plate’ receipt issued by the interstate authority if you hand in your plates in another jurisdiction.


Reserve Number Plate Content


Reservation of your number plate is acceptable once your registration has expired, and it’s been less than 3 months since the expiry date. You must place them in reserve at a local RMS centre. Next – pay the annual reserve fee plus additional fees for any annual number plate.


When to Get a Refund


For the unused portion of the motor vehicle CTP and registration, you may seek a refund. In some conditions, this includes pensioners.


You must cancel your registration before the expiry date to receive a refund. For the registration fee or number plate fees, there will be no refund. It is automatically deducted from your refund for the cancellation fee.


You must present the RMS service centre the original letter from the police or your insurance provider for processing refunds on stolen or written-off cars. This should include the date of the incident.


Can I Get a Refund if I’m out of the Country?

Yes, you can if you cancel the registration and have permanently moved overseas. Provide your overseas address for your refund.

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