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Lockdown is lifted, we’re back on the road!

According to the news, lockdown is easing across Australia and will start to be lifted in NSW at the end of this week. Aussies did a good job flattening the curve! Changes will begin to take place from Friday. Life will gradually return to normal. Many have been severely disadvantaged by the lockdown and some will have a hard time recovering. People will slowly resume their usual activities and be back on the road. 

From Friday, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, and outdoor pools will reopen but with a limited number of people (10 allowed) to go in at the same time. NSW will maintain a ban on regional travel for now. Some schools are reopening and others are partially opening, so there will be expected traffic on the roads once again. Other trips made will be going to the banks, groceries, and other nearby places. The plan is to reach step 3, which is a total reopening in July, but the time frame and dates are yet to be announced.

CTP green slip quote - What to expect after NSW lockdown is lifted?


The relaxed restrictions may entice people to go out again and visit friends and relatives. People should try to avoid peak hours where possible to avoid crowds and traffic.  All non-essential travel should be deferred while social distancing rules are still in place. Strict handwashing routines at all times is very important and avoiding crowded places.




Remember to practice safe driving at all times. According to the news, since social isolation, there has been a spike in drink driving offences.

A mobile phone should not be used when driving. Should any demerits occur it could make your CTP green slip and registration more expensive.

Let’s not forget our usual responsibilities. Paying our bills and renewing our registrations. Don’t get caught with an expired car registration when going back on the road and keep in mind to purchase your mandatory green slips.


What is a CTP green slip quote and How to Compare Prices?


It is a type of insurance policy and is compulsory meaning it is legally required for vehicles registered in NSW. In NSW Compulsory Third Party or CTP insurance is required by law and this must be purchased before renewing your vehicle registration. The insurance will cover the people injured or killed in an accident. Prices do vary depending on the insurers and driver demerits are a factor used by insurers in pricing. Most insurers can see from their systems if you have any demerits or not.

You can easily get a quote using our FREE calculator https://calculators.greenslips4earth.com.au

Purchasing your green slip from Greenslips4Earth helps the planet, as for every policy sold, a tree is planted and this is a great initiative for the environment, more green spaces help purify the air and offsets car emissions.

Lockdown is ending, enabling more freedom of movement for the population, the mood will lighten as people return to work. 

Remember to keep safety as a priority. Do not forget that the same rules apply for everyone’s safety and advantage. 

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