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Your CTP Greenslip Renewal

Is your CTP up for renewal? Discover everything you need to know about CTP green slip renewal. Whether your need to renew your CTP soon or you have already missed your CTP renewal window, ensure that your CTP is in order so that you can safely and legally drive on NSW roads.


How CTP Insurance Renewal Works in NSW


Your CTP Green slip renewal is mailed to you by your current CTP insurer approximately 4 weeks prior to renewal. You may have purchased your CTP Greenslip through an agent, however, legislation requires that the insurer be the one to mail you your CTP Greenslip renewal.


At approximately the same time, you will also receive your vehicle registration renewal. Both the CTP Greenslip renewal and the Registration renewal will be mailed to the same address because the insurer uses the RMS database for all mail correspondence relating to your vehicle. You, therefore, do not need to inform your CTP insurer of any changes to your risk details as they’ll receive these directly from the RMS.


How To Renew Your Registration & CTP Insurance


In order to renew your vehicle registration, you need to finalise your vehicle inspection (if required) and your CTP Greenslip. Once done, the necessary renewal information is shared electronically with the RMS and you can then renew your Registration Online at rms.gov.nsw.au or by clicking here.


Your vehicle Registration Renewal can only be done after your inspection and the renewal or purchase of a CTP greenslip.


It’s important to note that your CTP policy will be active once you renew your registration. This can be done ahead of your renewal date and will only be effective from the renewal date. This means that as soon as you renew your CTP, you can continue to legally drive on NSW roads.


What Happens When You Miss Your Renewal Window


If you fail to renew your vehicle registration in time, your CTP policy remains inactive and offers you no protection until your vehicle registration is active. If you don’t renew your vehicle registration after 21 days from your expiry date, you will only be able to renew your CTP policy for a period of 12 months. Prior to this date, you have an option to purchase your CTP for a period of 6 months.


If you fail to renew your registration after 90 days, your vehicle is effectively de-registered and a Blue Slip will be required to re-register your vehicle. CTP Greenslip prices are more expensive for re-registered vehicles. Penalties for driving an unregistered vehicle are severe and may also void your Motor Insurance policy.


Ready To Renew CTP Green Slip?


Your CTP rate can change over time depending on a wide range of factors. Before you renew with your existing provider, compare CTP quotes so that you can secure the best rate. Use our CTP Calculator to compare rates from leading providers and CTP renew your greenslip within minutes. We plant a tree for every policy sold, helping you offset your carbon emissions.

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