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CTP Greenslip Price Comparison

At Greenslips 4 Earth we know how important it is to get an annual price comparison for your CTP Greenslip.

Why is this important? Let us tell you why!

  • ​Insurers change their prices on average every 4 months, so prices can vary frequently
  • Insurer’s appetite for risk change routinely, so what may have been a good risk one day, may no longer be perceived as a good risk the next, so the prices change
  • From an insurer’s perspective, renewal business is usually more expensive than new business so they hope you don’t shop around and pay the higher premium. They are hoping for customer apathy when it comes to CTP Greenslip renewals
  • The CTP Greenslip protection is the same across all insurers and there are generally no variations, so you get the same cover everywhere you go
  • CTP does not cover the driver of the vehicle so claims management is less relevant and therefore claims experience is less of an insurer feature
  • There are no multi-policy discounts available on CTP so brand loyalty is less relevant

Compare your CTP Greenslip quote today here and start generating your savings.

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