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How often do CTP Prices change

Approved insurers who participate in the NSW CTP Scheme must seek approval from the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) every time they decide to change their CTP prices. This process is called “File and Write”.

File and Write = File your rates and then Write your premiums.

Insurers must file rates at least once a year. This is now done more frequently and is currently on average every four months. This means that insurers’ CTP prices will change every four months currently, on average.

One should therefore compare CTP Greenslip prices at each renewal to ensure their CTP renewal policy is still the most competitive in the market.

Aside from the At Fault Driver Protect add-on covers offered by insurers (read more about At Fault Driver Protect here) all CTP policies offer the same protection.  So price rather than the cover is a significant factor in the decision made by consumers as to which policy to purchase.


Main Factors Affecting CTP Price


The CTP Price varies across different types of vehicles. Greenslips 4 Earth offers CTP insurance for private cars and vans, buses, and ride-sharing vehicles like taxis and Uber trucks. The updated CTP price is determined based on your vehicle age, vehicle performance, driver’s age, geographic region, driving history, and claims history.

CTP insurance for businesses is also available and subject to certain levies. Green slip prices are discounted for fleets of more than 10 units. 


CTP Price Comparison


Our online green slip calculator can be used for motor vehicles weighing 4.5 tonnes or less. For vehicles above 4.5 tonnes, please call our hotline to determine the exact value of the quote.


Does CTP Insurance Cover My Property and Car Damages when I’m at fault?


No, CTP insurance only covers third-party accidents. If you want additional coverage for your motor vehicle, you may purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy.

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