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The Pensioners Guide To Greenslips

While insurers determine their Greenslip prices by taking into account different factors, being a pensioner is not one of them. Whichever insurer you choose, being a senior does not influence any change of Greenslip insurance prices in NSW. 


However, if you are an eligible pensioner, you can enjoy concessions that can change your vehicle registration costs. You do not have to pay for any registration fees, conditional or not, not any motor vehicle taxes. Additionally, if you are a DVA pensioner who receives a 70% or higher disability pension. You are qualified to not pay the NSW transfer fees and associated stamp duty costs. This applies to those who have 50 or more impairment points assessed under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004. Persons excluded from these fees are those who collect a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated pension or Extreme Disablement Adjustment pension.


Greenslip For Pensioners: Getting The Best Valeu for Money

Things to Prepare in Getting Greenslip for Pensioners

To be an eligible pensioner, you must present the following cards and statement

  • Current Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) showing a NSW address, issued by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veteran’s affairs, 
  • DVA Gold Card endorsed TPI (Totally & Permanently Incapacitated),
  • DVA Gold Card endorsed EDA (Extreme Disablement Adjustment)/War Widow/War Widower
  • Letter or statement from DVA that affirms you receive a pension of 70% or higher or an EDA Pension; or assessed under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 at 50%; or more impairment points.


What Affects Your Greenslip Price?

The cost of a Greenslip depends on how each insurer looks at the different factors concerning your records and other information. The principal components that affect the prices include vehicle details, e.g. age and type, and personal details like your geographic location, driving history, claims history, age and gender.

It can seem daunting to compare how Greenslip prices vary but this step is important to know which insurer is the right fit for your needs. Some of them offer bundled discounts that may grant further savings on other products you may need. Like motor vehicle insurance, which is insurance cover in addition to your CTP Greenslip.

Once they have collected your pink slip details and confirmed your CTP purchase, registration of Greenslip for pensioners can be automatically renewed by the RMS. When renewing your registration, it is advisable to compare CTP prices again instead of simply renewing with your current insurer. Greenslip prices tend to fluctuate. Even if your current Greenslip was offered by your insurer at a competitive price, that may not be the case for any subsequent CTP renewal. 

This is why we give prominent weight to shopping around for insurer products before simply processing your Greenslip renewal. If you don’t want the unnecessary hassle of shopping around extensively across all insurers. Greenslips 4 Earth makes it much easier by providing all insurer prices using the one calculator. All that while helping to  improve the state of our environment by planting one tree for each greenslip sold through our environment channels.


Why Choose Greenslips 4 Earth To Secure Greenslip For Pensioners?

We know how hard it is to shop around for your Greenslip and get the best deal, especially so for pensioners. That is why we discuss the details with you and offer each insurer’s rate at a glance so you can select and compare all insurer prices available in the market.

If you choose to have one CTP Greenslip processed with us, you also contribute to improving the environment as we plant a tree for every Greenslip purchase made through our environmental partners. This will help us offset the carbon emitted by your vehicle and improve the air quality in the community you live.  

To expedite your Greenslip purchase, speak with us today! Get a quote and fill out our form to get started.

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