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Truck Green Slip Limits To Keep In Mind

A truck green slip is classified under commercial vehicles weighing  4.5 tonnes and above. CTP green slips for trucks that are part of a fleet of over 10 units have a special price. Just like any insurance, there are limits to truck green slips. Prices for vehicles above 4500 GVM are also hard to calculate using the CTP online calculator because of shape variations, so we recommend consulting with an accredited insurance broker first before purchasing a truck CTP online


Truck Green Slip Limits To Keep In Mind


Here is a quick overview of conditions around truck CTP green slips:


  • Truck green slips have a minimum of three months of registration. 


Truck vehicles in New South Wales have a minimum of three months of CTP insurance and a maximum of 12 months. Make sure to renew your truck green slip 21 days before the expiry date. If you fail to renew in time, this will revoke your eligibility for a shorter term of CTP insurance coverage meaning you can only pick a 12-month green slip. If you like to save time processing renewals,  it’s better to have a longer insurance term, so you don’t have to repeat the process twice or thrice a year. 


  • CTP truck insurance has limited coverage for NSW drivers.


Some insurers for commercial motor vehicles offer limited coverage of 6 months for injured drivers at fault. In a blameless accident, NSW drivers can claim weekly payments, treatment, and other medical expenses and attendant care if they need extra help while they recover at home. If drivers are severely injured, they can also claim the Lifetime Care and Support implemented by the State Insurance and Regulatory Authority. Allianz and NRMA insurance offer these types of driver protection benefits. 


In the case of a blameless accident, the deceased’s family can make a claim, and the driver may or may not be covered depending on the terms of the insurance. Please check our website on how to make a claim.


  • Cancelling a CTP truck green slip requires proof of vehicle deregistration.


You may cancel your CTP green slip when transferring to a different state, transferring vehicle ownership and if you are not using the vehicle for a definite time. Cancellation is subject to administrative fees. Proof of vehicle deregistration is needed before cancelling CTP truck green slips. Refunds for cancelled truck green slips are subject to assessment.


  • Vehicle and other property damage are excluded from CTP insurance.


If a truck is damaged or causes damages to public or private roads, houses, and other property, the driver or truck operator will have to claim via a different insurance policy. 


Documentation Needed To Process Your Truck CTP Green Slip


Relevant documents like a brown slip and driver’s licence NSW photo number or RMS number are needed for registration.


Truck Green Slip Renewal

Renewing your green slip with us is hassle-free. You just need to wait for a renewal notice that will be sent to your email four weeks before your renewal period. Service NSW will also inform us of any changes to your driving status so you can get a quick and updated quote.


Please decide on renewal 21 days before the registration expiry date, so you can opt for short-term CTP green slips. Renewal cannot be done online if you have a lapsed policy.


Goods carrying vehicles or commercial trucks have Goods and Services Tax (GST) included in their CTP insurance purchase. There are related costs when calculating the input credit tax as well.


For a better view of your CTP green slip truck quote, please contact our office at 1300 593 291. 


Lessen your carbon emissions. We plant a tree with every truck green slip sold. 

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