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Which insurers sell CTP Greenslip insurance

CTP Greenslip insurance is currently only sold by approved insurers as nominated by the State Regulatory Insurance Authority (SIRA).

There are currently 5 approved insurers participating in the CTP scheme in NSW. They are as follows:

  • AAMI
  • Allianz
  • GIO
  • NRMA
  • QBE

Zurich was an approved insurer under the New South Wales scheme however they withdrew from the scheme in March 2015 due to other business priorities.

CIC was an approved insurer under the New South Wales scheme until March 2019. The CIC brand is owned by Allianz and they decided to consolidate their licences under the one brand, Allianz.

Each approved insurer has varying additional covers in addition to the Statutory benefits under the scheme and these can be found here.


Why are there not more insurers writing CTP Greenslip business?


Given the statutory nature of the New South Wales CTP Greenslip scheme and the regulation governing the manner in which premiums can be charged by insurers, many insurers shy away from the robust governance involved in managing a CTP portfolio and place their efforts in other insurance products.

The governance exists to ensure transparency in the charging of premiums to New South Wales road users. The process begins with insurers filing an application to the scheme regulator SIRA who then reviews the proposal and ultimately approves proposed rates following a series of discussions. This ensures the fairness of premiums being charged under the scheme.

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