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What does a CTP Greenslip cover me for?

Since 2009, the NSW CTP Greenslip cover for the driver at fault when injured catastrophically. This benefit is described as Lifetime Care and is governed by the Lifetime Care & Support Authority and further information regarding this cover can be found here. A CTP Greenslip is a compulsory policy of insurance that is required in order […]

The NSW CTP Scheme explained

The NSW CTP Scheme is managed by the NSW Government and is compulsary insurance in order to register your vehicle with the Roads and Martime Services (RMS), previously known as the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). The NSW Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Scheme, like all other state schemes in Australia, covers Third Parties for personal […]

How often do CTP Prices change

Approved insurers who participate in the NSW CTP Scheme must seek approval from the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) every time they decide to change their CTP prices. This process is called “File and Write”. File and Write = File your rates and then Write your premiums. Insurers must file rates at least once a […]

Which insurers sell CTP Greenslip insurance

CTP Greenslip insurance is currently only sold by approved insurers as nominated by the State Regulatory Insurance Authority (SIRA). There are currently 5 approved insurers participating in the CTP scheme in NSW. They are as follows: AAMI Allianz GIO NRMA QBE Zurich was an approved insurer under the New South Wales scheme however they withdrew […]

Where can I buy a CTP Greenslip

Each approved CTP insurer in New South Wales (NSW) offers their CTP policies to the general public using various means to buy a CTP Greenslip. These means include internet, call centre or branch office visitation. For all Sedans, Utes, 4 wheel Drives, and Goods Carrying Vehicles under 4,500 GVM you may secure your CTP prices […]

Current NSW CTP Scheme Changes

Since early 2016 the NSW CTP Greenslip scheme changes has been in consultation with interested parties about the effectiveness of the current NSW CTP Scheme. The Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello has requested a full review of the CTP scheme and has sought feedback from all interested parties. Some concerns of the […]

At Fault Driver Protection

At Fault Driver Protection, also known as At Fault Driver Cover, depending on the insurer, is an additional level of cover offered by two insurers. This cover offers some additional benefits to injured drivers at fault. Previously many at fault drivers were not covered under the CTP Scheme because it was a Third Party scheme only. This […]

Your CTP Greenslip Renewal

Your CTP Greenslip renewal is mailed to you by your current CTP insurer approximately 4 weeks prior to renewal. You may have purchased your CTP Greenslip through an agent, however legislation requires that the insurer be the one to mail you your CTP Greenslip renewal. At approximately the same time, you will also receive your […]

Greenslips by State

CTP Greenslips exist in every state and territory in Australia. In other states the word Greenslip does not exist or is not commonly used. They refer to it as CTP Insurance only. Some state governments underwrite the CTP policy, meaning they accept the risk. In others this is outsourced to insurers, just like NSW. Where […]

Why choose Greenslips 4 Earth New South Wales

Not only do Greenslips 4 Earth offer you the comparable CTP Greenslip price available for your vehicle in New South Wales by comparing all insurer prices in the market, but your purchase will also benefit the environment and absorb the carbon emitted by your vehicle. We assure that you will get only the best CTP […]

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